‘Tracking bodies’ 2018

Degree Show, The Glasgow School of Art

The project consists of a series of images received through the Grindr application, a selection of erotic images received without prior permission. I have painted each image and transformed each painting into a specific sound, with a minimal, technological and abstract character. In short, I have created a geometrical representable algorithm for each painting to receive different body sounds.

Each track emits irregular and seemingly random sounds that interrupt and disconnect the perception of the body before the spectator. It is another way of disarticulating and discarding the subject itself, thus converting it into sound. A digital and an audio file indicates that it is in constant motion and in circulation in the virtual space through the vectorization of bodies, is a disembodiment of the subject.

Track-ing bodies, 2018<br />
Set up installation.

Tra©k-ing bodies, 2018. Set up installation

Tra©k-ing bodies, 2018.  Video installation, 9’04».